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Marketing Delivery
& Comms strategy
for Space Startups.

We forge communications strategies that transcend terrestrial paradigms, allowing visionary space companies and pioneers to clearly articulate their ambitious roadmaps. From launch vehicle start-ups to satellite constellation developers, we support you to elevate brand narratives to escape velocity - captivating the investors, partners, and talent integral to taking ideas from concept to orbit.

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Communications Strategy

We enable space startups to distill complex technologies into compelling narratives that resonate across audiences. We architect cohesive, multi-channel campaigns that translate ambitious visions into lucid value propositions. Moreover, Delta V understands the resource constraints faced by lean teams pushing boundaries. That's why we specialize in implementing marketing automation and cross-platform integration solutions that maximize reach and impact, allowing small teams to deliver big comms.

Investor Comms

Securing investment demands articulating your visionary offering with crystalline clarity. We specialize in translating complex aerospace technologies into compelling investor narratives. We distill intricate products and services into razor-sharp value propositions that resonate with investors, identifying and amplifying trust signals that enhance your startup's investability. From crafting airtight pitch decks to orchestrating targeted investor outreach campaigns, We position you to attract the capital influx required to deliver.

Digital Delivery

From websites showcasing your offering, cutting-edge investor portals that cultivate trust and transparency, to sleek software interfaces optimized for orbital operations - we construct the digital infrastructure to support your ascent. Our user-centric approach ensures these platforms provide frictionless journeys from terrestrial touchpoints to extra-terrestrial horizons, allowing even the most abstract ideas to materialize into powerful digital outputs that resonate with potential stakeholders and customers.

We don't just watch from a distance, we are actively involved in the space industry.

Our team comprises active participants holding strategic positions across a constellation of space-based companies and initiatives. From space tech to earth observation, our professionals occupy vital roles in mission delivery. This hard-won insider access grants us an unparalleled understanding of the unique challenges, competitive landscapes, and future trajectories that define the sector.

When you engage Delta V, you aren't just retaining a marketing partner - you're onboarding a team of seasoned space professionals with first-hand expertise in the space industry. Our all-encompassing industry involvement is your assurance of industry understanding and authentic communications.

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We are a small, remote team from the UK with global (and beyond) reach and experience.

With over a decade of award-winning experience, our team have worked on strategy and digital delivery work for clients across the globe. We have become a trusted supplier to organisation from start-up stage to global enterprises, offering key insights and support throughout your journey.  

About Gravitas Group
"Gravitas DeltaV is an excellent programme where tailored, timely and innovative support are all part of the service.  I can’t recommend them enough. It’s great to have such a focussed service for Space businesses."
Flow Collingwood,
CEO, Pan Galactic

Gravitas Group are an innovation-led creative consultancy group that work with our clients to bring together award-winning creative talent, technology and behavioral psychology to create break-through projects.

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