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Hi, we're Gravitas Group. We are an award-winning full-service creative and marketing consultancy group helping brands across the globe deliver creative projects and strategies.

As the saying goes; there’s method behind the madness. At Gravitas Group, we understand the value of both. We believe that break-though creative work is the result of creative excellence and disruptive thinking in developing powerful and thought provoking creative work. We use the studying and understanding of behavioral psychology to understand how a consumer can be moved or informed through the power of creativity.

We believe that the traditional agency model is no longer the best model to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our clients and their end-users. Instead of expecting a static group of creatives to deliver on all projects with fresh thinking and best-in-class skills, we have an extensive network of experienced creative consultants who specialise in their respective skill sets and a robust remote-working infrastructure, providing us a wider skill base than even the largest agencies. We build project teams for each client, allowing us to provide the best service to each of our clients without compromise.

Our team, alongside our sister brand Edenic Group, invest much of our time looking at industry trends and innovations in our field to ensure we are able to provide progressive and future-secure concepts for all our clients. As a group we have been one of the first agencies in the UK to embrace many industry disruptive ideas such as creating branded content for the now fastest growing app across all countries; TikTok, researching blockchain technology for automatic content copyright protection, using behavioral psychology frameworks to develop creative content and being some of the first in the country to trial new creative software before market release.

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Gravitas Group are an award-winning creative consultancy group that work with our clients to bring together award-winning creative talent and behavioral psychology to create break-through projects. Embracing both method and madness to deliver work that influences change.


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