Consultancy & STRATEGY

Winning strategies for your brand to help you grow, protect and innovate. Our consultants can help you with marketing strategies, navigating barriers-to-success and new product/service offerings.

Client Retention

Communications and process management strategies to help you build and maintain long-standing client relationships and reduce churn within your organisation. Our team can help you form positive client relationships that can lead to repeat business and enable you to build a self-sustaining referral network.

Client Journey

A standout client journey can become a factor which separates you from your competitors and significantly increases end-user satisfaction. Our team can work with you to develop a client journey that is simple, removes unnecessary administrative work for both you and your client and leads to positive feedback.

Marketing Strategy

We believe the key to successful marketing is a well-informed, well-structured strategy. Our team develop robust strategies that go beyond creative output to consider industry trends, consumer behavior and long-term aspirations to create clear, concise goals and objective to guide ongoing marketing efforts.

Campaign Development

Work with our team to develop powerful, well-structured campaigns that can drive action in your end users. Our team have worked with brands across the globe on short, transactional campaign and long-term, campaigns for change and can help you develop a campaign that is holistic and coherent.

Retained Services

Do you need ongoing marketing support for your brand? Our team work with many brands as an extension of their internal teams to provide them with ongoing marketing support and services. Our retained services cover all forms or consultancy so you can call on our team when you need us.

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Gravitas Group are an innovation-led creative consultancy group that work with our clients to bring together award-winning creative talent, technology and behavioral psychology to create break-through projects.

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