The no hassle business analytics dashboard for TVs and digital displays.

Combine your data from multiple platforms and custom integration to get a snapshot of your business at a glance.

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Smart Alerts & Goals

Our dashboards include Smart Alerts and goal tracking so you can be alerted if user set parameters are met and track your KPIs in real time. Giving you and your team a better understanding of your businesses performance and data.

Monthly Reports

Receive monthly reports of your metrics by email so you can showcase your progress and use your metrics to assess your business performance and growth. Custom template can also be created to show the metrics that are important to you and your stakeholders.

TV Mode

Built in TV mode allows you to easily display your dashboards on displays or TV with web browsing capabilities or contact our team to find out about our pre-loaded TV dongles and devices, perfect for receptions and customer facing areas.

Include Live TV/Streams

Include live streams, TV and videos to your dashboard. Include live news feeds or corporate welcome videos to create a great reception screen experience for visitors or to make your internal dashboards more informative for you and your team.

Lifetime Support

Get lifetime support to help you create dashboards that give you the right metrics for your business or build custom integrations to pull in data from new sources. We can offer support remotely or on site so you don't need to wait for changes to be made to your dashboards.

Cross Analyse Data

Combine data from multiple sources in one widget to get cross analysis of data and identify patterns and data correlation so you can see how your various data sources are affecting each other and get a more comprehensive understanding of your business.

1000+ integration options

Gravboards includes 100s of built in integrations from some of the most popular business management and analytics tools. Our team can also create custom integrations from API, HTML, CSV, SQL or other database sources to build integrations and monitor any metrics that matter to you and your business.

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Gravboards is a Gravitas Group brand.
Gravboards stores no data from aggregated data sources.

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