Our Strategic Vision for 2024

February 13, 2024

2023 marked a pivotal year for Gravitas Group. Relocating our business operations to York heralded a new chapter, bringing fresh talent to our team and propelling us into exciting business realms. We proudly launched cutting-edge SaaS products, inaugurated our executive consultancy service, and delivered outstanding projects that stand as testaments to our commitment and capability.

As we step into 2024, our sights are set on unprecedented growth and innovation. We're thrilled to share our comprehensive growth strategy, designed not only to expand our horizons but also to bring tangible value to our esteemed clients, ranging from dynamic SMEs to enterprise-level giants.

Our Roadmap for 2024

  • Q1 Milestones: Launch of two new business units, tailored to enhance our service offerings and catalyse growth opportunities for our clients. A pivotal focus will be optimising our internal processes, ensuring our growth translates into continued excellence and high-quality service delivery.
  • Q2 Developments: The unveiling of two additional business units, marking our venture into new business domains and the introduction of two vibrant partner brands. This quarter will also witness the expansion of our team, a key step in fulfilling our ambitious growth strategy.
  • Q3 Innovations: The debut of our pioneering round of SaaS products, designed to empower our clients and the wider industry. This quarter also brings new office locations, enabling us to better serve our expanding client base and continue our team growth.
  • Q4 Focus: Enhancing tools and resources for our partners and affiliates, boosting their outreach capabilities. The launch of the Gravitas Affiliates Programme will open new avenues for collaboration and mutual growth.

New Partnerships and Ventures

In 2024, Gravitas Group embarks on an ambitious journey to broaden our portfolio and deepen our industry impact. We're excited to announce the addition of a specialist media buying agency that will leverage cutting-edge analytics and creative strategies to enhance our client's market presence. Our new digital brokerage brand is set to redefine the digital landscape, offering bespoke solutions that drive digital transformation.

Additionally, our partnership with a top-tier production team marks the birth of an innovative content creation agency. This venture will combine storytelling prowess with technological acumen, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. Our upcoming software suite, designed for public sector organisations, promises to be a game-changer, introducing efficiencies and innovations that will revolutionise public service delivery.

Embracing Visibility and Engagement

After years of intensive behind-the-scenes work, as we focused on growth, we plan a shift towards a more visible and engaged public presence as a strategic move to build stronger connections within the business community. 2024 is the year Gravitas Group steps into the spotlight, not just as thought leaders but as active participants in the business discourse. Our expanded team, comprising industry experts and visionary thinkers, will be at the forefront, sharing valuable insights, trends, and success stories.

We believe that sharing our journey is vital to fostering a community of learning and innovation. Through regular updates, thought leadership articles, and engaging with our audience across various platforms, we aim to offer a window into the world of Gravitas Group. This transparency and openness are central to building trust and rapport with our clients, partners, and the broader business community.


As we move forward into 2024, our focus is on not just achieving growth but doing so in a way that brings real value to our clients and partners. At Gravitas Group, we understand that our success is intertwined with the success of those we work with. Our mission is to be more than just a consultancy; we strive to be a catalyst for innovation, a beacon of expertise, and a partner in true transformation.

We are excited about the future and are committed to continuing our journey of excellence. We invite you to join us as we explore new horizons, embrace challenges, and redefine the boundaries of what is possible in business consultancy.

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Enterprise360 is our flagship consultancy service offering on-call holistic marketing and consultancy services to enterprise level clients, leadership teams and c-suite executives. The service is crafted to provide clients with a dedicated consultancy and delivery partner.

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