Exposing Deviance


Exposing Deviance is a photography exhibition and art project developed by one of our senior creatives, Jessy Zschorn, and curated by our creative director, Jamie Del Grosso. The Exhibition is set to launch in 2019.

The purpose of the project is to bring awareness to the experiences of minorities within the subject of sex. The exhibition contains interviews from anonymous individuals, accompanied by engaging imagery that serves to challenge negative misconceptions about sex.

So far, people interviewed have included those with a mobility disability, mental health issues, sexual health issues, sex workers as well as various people on the sexual and gender spectrum. The content is non-bias and strives to challenge in-factual ideas that can be detrimental to the sexual experiences within a society.

Credits and Thanks

Exhibition Space: HIP Gallery

Special Thanks: All the amazing volunteers that donated their time and stories to this project.

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