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Hi, we're Gravitas Group. We are a full-service creative and marketing consultancy group helping brands deliver creative projects and strategies.

As the saying goes; there’s method behind the madness. At Gravitas Group, we understand the value of both. We believe that break-though creative work is the result of creative excellence and disruptive thinking in developing powerful and thought provoking creative work and the studying and understanding of behavioral psychology to understand how a consumer can be moved or informed through the power of creativity.

We believe that the traditional agency model is no longer the best model to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our clients and their end-users. Instead of expecting a static group of creatives to deliver on all projects with fresh thinking and best-in-class skills, we have an extensive network of experienced creative consultants who specialise in their respective skill sets and a robust remote-working infrastructure, providing us a wider skill base than even the largest agencies. We build project teams for each client, allowing us to provide the best service to each of our clients without compromise.

Our team, alongside our sister brand Edenic Group, invest much of our time looking at industry trends and innovations in our field to ensure we are able to provide progressive and future-secure concepts for all our clients. As a group we have been one of the first agencies in the UK to embrace many industry disruptive ideas such as creating branded content for the now fastest growing app across all countries; TikTok, researching blockchain technology for automatic content copyright protection, using behavioral psychology frameworks to develop creative content and being some of the first in the country to trail new creative software before market release.

What is the point?

Our Vision

Our goal is to create a robust network of highly skilled creatives that will allow our group to become a leading authority and influencer in the creative industry. We would like the Gravitas brand to be synonymous with quality and industry leading insights. We want to see clients proud to say that they are working with a team from Gravitas Group and consultants proud to say they are a member of the Gravitas Group. 

Our Services

dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner;

Gravitas was one of the Roman virtues. It may be translated variously as weight, seriousness, dignity, and importance and connotes a certain substance or depth of personality.
It also conveys a sense of responsibility and commitment to the task.

Our Services

What we will
offer our clients?

How it works

Creative Delivery
Planning and delivery of creative/marketing projects for clients.

Strategy development
Consultation and development of creative/marketing strategies and insights.

Project Management
Managing new or existing creative/marketing projects.

Industry events
Events for people working in the creative/marketing industry, this includes talks, workshops, training and consultation for leadership teams.

Interactive workshops to explore creative projects such as branding workshops, stakeholder engagement workshops and creative thinking workshops.

Talks and Keynotes
Presentations and keynotes for industry events and public events.

Industry research and Insights

We will also conduct research and create insight pieces and reports about industry trends, creative thinking techniques and creative concepts.

How it works


Consultants would join us as members of Gravitas Group for projects, workshops and events in which the client has approached us directly. Clients who approach our consultants directly will be completely at the discretion of the consultants and can be delivered as themselves or as Gravitas Group if they wish.


Consultants do not need to pay to join and are only asked to provide basic information such as skills, portfolios, location and rate cards in order to allow us to match the best consultants to our clients. Consultants will be paid their rate for a project, Gravitas will collect our payment from the client in the form of a management fee. Gravitas will collect payment for the project and then pay consultants.

The Benefits

Why join the
Gravitas Group?

Application criteria

Be part of a growing network of top tier creatives and marketing experts. Communicate, collaborate and learn from some of the best around, pushing our collective knowledge and skill set further. 

Power of “we”
Use the Gravitas Group name and credentials to help you win larger clients of your own. Sell your services as “we” and not “I” and remove the perceived risk of working with a freelancer that some organisations have.

Access to new clientele
Our team have worked with global clients and working on large scale projects. Our consultants will have the opportunity to work with us on these projects and gain industry insights.

Tools and support
Gain access to a selection of tools, assets and support systems to help you deliver projects and further develop your skills. Updated regularly and developed with professional creatives.

Access to free industry support covering new creative/marketing trends, business support and industry knowledge.

Legal protection  
Having the right legal protection and contracts for creative projects can be expensive and time consuming. Projects managed by Gravitas Group are protected under a series of contracts and tracking systems between us and the client to ensure that all freelancers are protected at no charge.

Who can apply?

Application Criteria

Anyone working in the creative/marketing industry can apply to be a Gravitas Group consultant providing they meet the following criteria: 

  • Must be an individual/ freelancer (we are not currently accepting agency applications but will be in the future)
  • Must have evidence of working with paying clients
  • Must be able to provide portfolios and rate cards
  • Must be able to work remotely (we can offer desk/studio space for specific projects but this is limited) 
  • Must have own access to relevant industry standard creative software (Adobe suite etc)

Applications are open to anyone however, we have limited spaces and will only be able to accept applicants we feel meet the highest standards in quality, experience and knowledge. 


Gravitas Group are an award-winning, innovation-led creative consultancy group that work with our clients to bring together award-winning creative talent, technology and behavioral psychology to create break-through projects. Embracing both method and madness to deliver work that influences change.


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