Hi, we're Gravitas Studio. We are a full-service design studio. Our team have over 25 years experience developing creative concepts and beautiful work for global brands, organisations and arts projects.

We are a small and multi-disciplined team who work closely with our clients to deliver breakthrough work. Our strengths range from graphic design and the development of digital platforms, as well as the production of immersive experiences, allowing our team to produce strong creative solutions for any brief.

// Museums, Heritage and Arts.

We work closely with the museums, heritage and arts sector to deliver creative work which helps promote their collections and reach wider audiences. Our team have experience in winning ACE funding grants for our clients and helping to deliver culturally significant work.

// Brands and Organisations.

Our team have worked with a range of brands from local to global. We are able to create creative work to accompany marketing campaigns, reposition brands and encourage behavioural change.

// Charities, NFPs and Causes.

We continue to work closely with charities and causes across the globe to spread their message and the important work they deliver. Contact us about our special NFP rates.

Our team has worked with...

Give your brand some Gravitas


dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner

Gravitas was one of the Roman virtues. It may be translated variously as weight, seriousness, dignity, and importance and connotes a certain substance or depth of personality.
It also conveys a sense of responsibility and commitment to the task.

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